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Our Members

Aceae Nutra

Plant science expertise combined with rigour of pharmaceutical research to develop health promoting edible crops for humans and animals.


Offers a smart, soilless solution to help feed the growing population sustainably


Revolutionising industry with a robotic picking platform. Initially working to increase productivity and reduce labour cost in agriculture, while ensuring consistent and high quality yields.

Lambda Energy

Lambda Energy is a photonics company that is developing enhanced polytunnel plastic that increases defused red

PES Technologies

The future of soil health intelligence


We help increase the speed of agricultural innovation by making Field Trial data collection faster and easier


SoilWater Ltd is a UK registered science innovation company.

Aero Agriculture

Revolutionising agriculture through the use of Aeroponic technology

Anglia A.I.

Anglia A.I. provides scientific development and technical consulting to businesses in the agritech industry.


Creating a more nutritional and sustainable world

Mantle Labs

Leading remote sensing company providing digital agriculture solutions related to crop monitoring


Plant phenotyping with smartphone

Seeded Marketing

A full-service marketing agency dedicated to agriculture.

Viridian Seeds

Creating Super-Legumes to serve the planet


We create revolutionary, new synthetic image datasets to train your agricultural AI solutions... Cheaper, Faster, Better


Innovative start-up developing affordable robotics for sustainable agriculture


Next Generation Meat Proteins

Njorth Bio_Science

Valorisation of biomass waste streams

Piatrika Biosystems

Bridging The Gap Between Scientific Research And Commercial Enterprises Solutions


Precision weather stations connected to a collaborative weather application.

eFeed Life-sciences

eFeed leverages farm-level bioinformatics to develop and manufacture innovative livestock nutrition products

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