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Bringing your ideas to life 

The Barn4 building offers access to wet and dry labs for members to expand their business and experiment with ideas in a practical setting. 

As part of Barn4, you'll have the unique advantage of being co-located with NIAB's glasshouses and lab teams. This proximity allows our members to tap into NIAB's vast technical expertise, enabling them to transition their ideas from the lab to the real world.

  • Wet and dry options available

  • Assess to shared spaces 

  • RO water system 

  • Fume hood, Clean bench, Glasswasher and freezer (-80) 

  • Supported by offices, glasshouses and conferencing facilities

  • Access to NIAB Lab test services

Lab Facilities 

Image 11.jpg

Laboratory Expertise

The expertise of NIAB's Lab based researchers can be offered to Barn4 members and used to deliver bespoke  services that conform to the highest standards.


The team have a wide range of experience in projects such as: 

  • Pre breeding 

  • Transformation 

  • Pathology 

  • Seed testing 

  • quality control assistance

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