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There are three packages for start-ups and SME's that cater for your different needs and stages of development. If we can tailor a package better to suit your needs then please contact us to discuss this. 

For larger organisations who want to get involved with Barn4 please contact us to discuss opportunities.



The Virtual Membership is perfect for those not local to Cambridge but are still seeking to benefit from NIAB support and the start-up community at Barn4.


Barn4 Premium

Premium Membership allows your company to take full advantage of being located in the heart of NIAB. Accelerate your company growth with support of both technical and commercial experts.

2020 LabTest Meara Taylor working in bio

Barn4 Resident

Make full use of the facilities at Barn4 and our wider Park Farm or Hasse Fen sites. Ask us for more information about our Agritech incubator and what NIAB has to offer.

B4 Virtual
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Barn4 Virtual

  • Access to NIAB expert network

  • Annual technical review

  • Collaborative project opportunities

  • Registered office service

  • Barn4 and NIAB events

    • Social​

    • Business

    • Technical

  • NIAB technical news

  • Discount for NIAB conference facilities and meeting rooms

From £50 per month

Grow with Barn4 Virtual

Enjoy Access to NIAB

A NIAB point-of-contact will help you find the support you need to grow and flourish. This could include collaboration opportunities.Also included is an invitation to NIAB’s annual Cambridge Open Day where we showcase the science and technology that NIAB is developing and you can showcase your company. It may even include the chance to taste NIAB’s wine and strawberries!

Collaborative Project Opportunities

NIAB has a successful history of collaborating with agritech start-ups and SME's and are always looking for new opportunities in this area. Upon joining Barn4 we will invite you to discuss your business and ambitions to a range of our experts to offer feedback and explore immediate or future collaborations.

Registered Office Support

Use NIAB's prestigious address for your company. Register your company at NIAB and we will manage mail and support your compliance with statutory requirements.

Contact us for more information about Barn4 Virtual.

B4 Premium

Barn4 Premium

  • ​NIAB Account Manager

  • Support reaching growers

  • 4 days hot desk per month

  • 8 hours meeting room per month at Park farm or Hasse fen 

  • Business mentors

  • Quarterly technical reviews

  • ARTIS E-Learning

  • NIAB Seminars

  • Barn4 events

  • Registered office support

  • Discount for NIAB conference facilities

  • Access to AWS Activate Portfolio Benefits, including $5k worth of free AWS credits 

From £100 per month

Thrive with Barn4 Premium

Quarterly Technical Reviews

NIAB has experts across all aspects of crop science and agritech. They can review your technical approach and help you plan your product development.

Dedicated support

Your NIAB Account Manager will understand your business and be a key driver for growth. They will help you navigate to the best experts and growers to support your business.​ We will find an independent expert from our Mentor Panel to provide guidance on how to manage and grow your business.

Seminars & Events

Develop your knowledge with access to internal NIAB seminars on a wide range of subjects related to crop sciences and agritech. We also hope all members will learn and network at our Barn4 social, business and technical events.

Contact us for more information about Barn4 Premium.


Barn4 Resident

  • Allocated desk(s)

  • Private office*

  • Unlimited meeting room use

  • Laboratory and/or storage space

  • NIAB Account Manager

  • Support with access to growers

  • Business mentors

  • Quarterly technical reviews

  • ARTIS E-Learning

  • NIAB Seminars

  • Barn4 events

  • Registered office support

  • Discount for NIAB conference facilities

  • Access to AWS Activate Portfolio Benefits, including $5k worth of free AWS credits 

From £300 per desk

*Subject to a minimum occupancy 

B4 Resident

Achieve with Barn4 Resident

Choose your ideal location

Experience the best of both worlds with our new Barn4 locations: Barn4 Park Farm in Cambridge and Barn4 Hasse Fen in Soham. Members now have the option to choose their residency based on their preferences and needs. To learn more about each site and make an informed decision on where to hold your residency, please visit our website's 'About' tab.

Allocated Desk(s) / Private Office

Enjoy the flexibility of our allocated desks or private offices, designed to provide a comfortable and pristine working environment at Barn4. Whether you prefer an open-plan space or a private office, we have you covered.

Meeting Rooms & Conference Facilities

Our meeting rooms are thoughtfully designed, spacious, and well-equipped with state-of-the-art teleconferencing facilities. They serve as the perfect venue for both internal and external meetings. Additionally, our on-site NIAB conference centre can accommodate over 100 people.

Laboratory Facilities

Barn4 offers a range of laboratory facilities for our members. You can access shared spaces or private labs depending on your business needs. If your R&D programmes require specialised growing, analytic, transformation, or high-performance computing facilities, we can arrange access to NIAB's advanced resources.

Contact us for more information about Barn4 Resident.

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