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Providing Services Beyond the Field

Barn4, NIAB's Agritech Incubator, can help you access the facilities you need to grow your business and test your concepts in a real-world environment.

Barn4 offices are co-located with NIAB’s state-of-the-art glasshouse facilities. Being a part of the NIAB community allows us to nurture strong collaborations between highly qualified glasshouse experts and our members.

Video Tour

  • Approx. 2200 m  of state-of-the-art glasshouse and plant growing facilities

  • Spore-proof growth rooms, growth chambers, containment compartments and vernalisation areas

  • Environmentally controlled glasshouses

  • Automatic irrigation systems

  • Supplementary lighting

  • Supported by offices, laboratories and conferencing facilities


Glasshouse Facilities

Image 11.jpg

Glasshouse Expertise

The expertise of the glasshouse team can be offered to Barn4 members and used to deliver bespoke growing services that conform to the highest standards.


The team have a wide range of experience in projects such as: 

  • product testing

  • breeding

  • growing novel crops

  • phenotyping

  • quality control assistance

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