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Barn4 can provide members with access to NIAB's own computing facilities and expertise in machine learning, as well as the UK Crop Diversity HPC Resource


NIAB In-House HPC Resource

NIAB’s own high-performance computing platform offers:

  • A Linux-based batch processing environment for data intensive computations

  • Several hundred TB of secure storage space

  • Up to 3 TB of memory per compute server

  • A total of 400 CPU cores


NIAB Machine Learning Expertise

The implementation and deployment of novel computational methods for the analysis of crop data is one of the priority research areas at NIAB. 

NIAB’s new strategy in data sciences includes strengthening their AI-based agri-data and scientific computing capabilities, offering further innovative solutions and software tools for the Agri-Food sector as well as a broader crop research community. 


UK Crop Diversity: Bioinformatics HPC Resource

NIAB is a lead member of a multi-institute, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBRSC) funded, high-performance computing platform.  

The platform utilises:

  • 1,700+ CPU cores

  • 15 TB of memory

  • 1.5 PB of storage capacity

  • 3 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs suitable for machine learning

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