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Aero Agriculture

Revolutionising agriculture through the use of Aeroponic technology

Aero Agriculture

At Aero Agriculture, we believe that everyone should be able to grow their own food. Traditional gardening and farming methods are unsuitable for those who do not have access to a backyard. This is the case in most urban areas around the world where people live in small apartments. Our philosophy of providing healthy and nutrient-rich food to everyone around the word, has led us to engineer a state-of-the-art product that utilises Aeroponics to grow plants indoors. We believe in providing simple yet technologically advanced alternatives to traditional agricultural methods and we have set out to achieve that on a global scale.

Our key focus is to facilitate the wide-spread use of Aeroponics for both personal food growth and commercial agriculture.
Our goals are the following:

Increase the amount of home-grown food worldwide by providing personal food growth products that utilise aeroponics.

Reduce the load on global food supply chains.

Contribute towards the reduction of food wastage worldwide by promoting personal food growth.

Make the agriculture industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly through the wide-spread use of Aeroponics.

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