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Barn4 member AgriSynth driving the future of AI within agriculture

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Barn4 member AgriSynth has had continued success with funding, having recently closed an early EIS funding round and started another for £500,000, lasting until the end of 2022. They have also begun a £452,000 Innovate UK Smart grant project aiming to deliver an AI solution to identify blackgrass weed in wheat robustly. "The project will be a significant step in enabling more control of the blackgrass weed, which costs the UK farming industry £400 million a year in the UK alone," says CEO Colin Herbert.

The busy period for AgriSynth continues as they also started testing their first synthetic image datasets a few weeks ago and are getting better results than planned. “For me as CEO, whilst this company has only been running a year, this journey started about five years ago as I got interested in how agriculture needed to move forward into AI and robotics. Seeing the first outputs from our new synthetic image dataset system was like seeing a dream come true. So much hard work but so exciting at the same time.” The image below is the first output from their system.

Exciting times are just around the corner for AgriSynth.

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