Piatrika Biosystems

Bridging The Gap Between Scientific Research And Commercial Enterprises Solutions

The most important realisation that has stuck us all in this last decade is the need for sustainable agriculture. The issue goes beyond just the need for social and economic sustainability and into biotic/abiotic stress resilience, over/under production of required nutrition and exploring better alternatives from local crops. Growing population and need to manage increasing food demand is equally important as getting the right agri product out to the market. While recent advances, innovations and rolling out solutions for specific pain points on the downstream of agritech is evident, there is an urgent need to look at the problem from a systemic point of view focussing upstream of the agri-chain in design & development of new varieties & agro-chem products.

We at Piatrika Biosystems are building a platform that will bring more sustainable seeds and agri chemicals to market faster. We are doing this by creating a new innovative enterprise cloud PAAS for genomic discoveries and plant breeding. While the discovery platform is supported by novel technologies in computational biology and data science, integrating this with autonomous phenotypic, temporal and spatial data capture for more accurate analysis helps the users on various levels.

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