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Barn4's Agritech meet-up with Innovate UK EDGE

Thank you for joining us at Barn4's postponed September social, sponsored by Innovate UK EDGE.

After the success of our in-person social in July with Zane van Romunde Associate Director of, eg technology, we thought we would get back together in September for Barn4's agritech meet-up. Due to the passing of our Royal Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we postponed our event to October.

Like our July social, we hosted the agritech meet-up in NIAB's spectacular Sophi Taylor Building, less than 50 metres from Barn4. The Sophi Taylor Building is a BREEAM award-winning conference centre that opened in 2013 and is a perfect location for hosting seminars, networking events and much more! At the meet-up, attendees included Barn4 members, representatives from Innovate UK EDGE, PhD students from Cambridge University, business support professionals and guests from the wider agritech community.

It was great to see everyone who joined us on Friday, with Julie Pauley from Innovate UK EDGE sponsoring the event. Innovate UK EDGE is vital to the UK innovation agency’s investment in innovative businesses that drive economic growth. It complements Innovate UK project funding with intensive, bespoke, specialist-led support for high-growth, ambitious businesses.

It was informative to hear from Julie about the RTO/Catapult grants available. RTOs are specialised not-for-profit knowledge organisations dedicated to developing and transferring science and technology to benefit the economy and society. The RTO/Catapult Grant will give businesses up to £15,000 to use at NIAB, including state-of-the-art glasshouse space, growth room facilities, NIAB IP, plant transformations and much more.

Keep an eye on Barn4 social channels to discover what will happen for the next in-person social!


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