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Barn4 member's July birthdays

This month we have celebrated Barn4 members who joined us a year ago in July 2021!🥳🧁🎉

PES Technologies has developed a game-changing soil health analysis tool, so farmers and agronomists can make the right choices for their farms as efficiently as possible.

Lambda Energy has developed Nanocrystal materials that will absorb UV to green and emit in the red, with the intention for polytunnel plastics manufacturers to mix their materials into their plastics and sell premium plastics to farmers. It is expected to enhance plant growth by 10-20%.

Just Soil has developed organic decomposers and fertilisers that regenerate agricultural soil. They are looking to find solutions to the current problems at a cellular level in Nitrogen-fixing that has been used to create our formula applications.

SoilWater is part of a global ESG network working to enact immediate solutions and develop the next generation of technologies needed to meet environment and socio-economic ‘Net-Zero’ targets.

Quick Trials help speed up the trial process by making the whole data collection, validation, and analysis process faster and simpler. Compared to traditional trial results, which are often only available months after harvest, Quick Trials allows trials' performance to be collected and analysed in the field. This faster feedback enables decisions to be taken earlier, leading to quicker trialling iterations and improved innovation velocity.



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