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Welcome Agreed!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Agreed recently joined our Barn4 Germination programme. Read on to learn more about the Agreed team, their hopes for future development, and how they think the Barn4 Germination programme will benefit them.

What does Agreed do?

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable farming practices by building the intelligent marketplace for regenerative agriculture and providing support and advice to those exploring, or in the process of, adopting new practices. We are drawing on data science, predictive modelling as well as behaviour change principles to do so.

Can you introduce me to the Agreed team and their backgrounds, and what inspired you to start Agreed?

We have 3 co-founders:

Sarah is from a farming background and currently completing an MSc in Carbon Management with a research focus on sustainable farming practices. She has 20 years’ experience in management consulting and international development supporting different organisations and groups adopt new ways of working.

Reed worked for NASA commercialising satellite data then founded his own rum company, where he became aware of the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable farming practices and food production.

Kelly was an intrapreneur in numerous pharmaceutical consulting agencies before deciding to get her MBA and focus her biology background and entrepreneurial experience on helping the planet.

We came together as part of the Carbon13 venture builder programme last June. We were drawn together by our passion for putting farmers at the centre of changes needed to the agricultural and food production system.

What are your hopes for the future development of Agreed?

We want to support as many people as possible to transition to more sustainable farming practices – through our platform we will help:

1) Benchmark people where they are in terms of sustainability

2) Connect to learning resources, input providers and provide farm-specific advice

3) Connect to others for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and support

4) Earn from adopting new practices.

Why did you apply to the Barn4 Germination Programme, and how do you think it will benefit Agreed?

We wanted to be part of a collaborative and supportive eco-system driving innovation and exploring new ways to address the environmental, financial and social challenges facing the agriculture and food production system.

What are your future ambitions for Agreed?

We are focused on the UK for now but ultimately hope that we can scale to support other geographies.

How can the Germination Programme at Barn4 help Agreed achieve these future ambitions?

By connecting us to cutting-edge research, experts and practitioners.

If you were to give advice to another start-up, what would that be?

Spending time getting to understand your target market and customers – their needs and pain-points - is really important to developing your initial business proposition and supporting hypothesis. It’s equally important to then get started – to build and deploy something into that market to test your proposition and hypothesis and evolve it in line with the feedback you receive.

For more information about Agreed, visit their member page or their website.



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