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Meet AgriSynth

AgriSynth are one of the most recent start-ups to have joined the Barn4 agritech incubator. AgriSynth are developing revolutionary, new synthetic image datasets to train agricultural AI solutions.

What do AgriSynth do?

AgriSynth is breaking down the barrier caused by the lack of robust AI solutions in agriculture. Currently, we cannot produce AI solutions that classify every object at pixel-level in complex crop scene images. We can do this by training AI solutions with synthetic image datasets. They are annotated to 100% accuracy at pixel-level, even at higher resolutions that we can only dream of today. We can generate millions of such images if required.

What is the main mission of AgriSynth?

We will solve a major bottleneck within agriculture for robotic companies who enter niche markets where they can generate commercially acceptable AI solutions. We also enable researchers to accurately assess field trials that currently rely on subjective assessments. Our solutions have a global market. After that we will be able to transfer this proprietary system knowledge to markets beyond agriculture.

Can you introduce me to the AgriSynth team and their backgrounds?

Colin Herbert BSc (Hons) Applied Biology, MSc | Founder, Director

Biologist, Agronomist, International Change Manager

  • Agricultural industry – BASF, Novartis, Syngenta, and others

  • Agronomy, National Marketing and Leadership roles

  • Senior-level, international collaboration in 34 countries

  • Business focused, technically competent, high-level Project/Change Manager

  • Range of industries, latterly pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials

  • Qualified Helicopter pilot

Gloria Vargas CFO, BS (economics), BA, MA, MBA | Chief Finance Officer, Director, Investment Banker, Financial consultant

  • 25 years’ experience in investment banking

  • Smith Barney, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch

  • Foreign exchange options trader; Managing Director; France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal

  • Independent consulting work in UK, Middle East, United States, Europe, Bolivia Company structuring, acquisitions, fund raising

  • Keen to support the social impact of investments

Jonathan Hancock | Lead Investor, Director, Equity Trader, Mentor

  • Head of Regional Sales/Trading / Director

  • Warburg Securities, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, HSBC, Mirae, Nomura

  • Private investor – Property / EdTech / FinTech

  • UK Property Development mentor; EdTech board member

  • Former professional rugby player (Hong Kong)

Greg Lukosek | Lead Architect & Developer, Realtime Tech, Co-founder

  • The most experienced, specialised modelling team in the industry

  • Written many books on this area of development

  • Leads teams worldwide

  • Developed countless cross-platform games

  • Interested in space flight

Why did you become a Barn4 member?

Impressed at the facilities NIAB have and the quality and range of the staff that we can liaise with and learn from and the collaboration opportunities.

What are your future goals for AgriSynth and how do you think Barn4 can help you achieve this?

Synthetic data (in imagery and agriculture) is very new as is Augmented Reality, something that we are also developing. With such new products and potential markets we need to work with clever people who can understand the potential and work together to achieve that potential. Already we see a number of members that we can collaborate with.

If you were to give advice to another start up, what would that be?

Its going to be a long, frustrating journey, deal with it! Listen to everyone you meet but learn to not respond to every idea or request.

If you want to learn more about AgriSynth, click the link below to visit their website.



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