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Just Soil's plan to combat inefficient agricultural methods

Just Soil is one of the newest members to join Barn4 over the last couple of months. We recently posed some questions to co-founder Daniel Woolnough as a way of introducing what the company is working on. Read on to learn how Just Soil was founded and where it's headed in the future.

What does Just Soil do and how do your decomposers and fertilisers regenerate agricultural soil? Why is this important?

What is your background and how did Just Soil come about?

Before co-founding Just Soil, I worked in tech start-up capital raising within Europe.

Just Soil began after conversations with the future team on the beaches of Mallorca about the problems of fresh food, and the availability of food to the world. We started to think about the source of all this, and we ended up at soil. We wanted to discover if there could be improvements made in this area.

Why did you choose to join Barn4?

NIAB is at the forefront of soil research in the UK, and we want to work with the best minds to solve the current problems in soil health, food, and agriculture.

As a member, what do you hope to get from Barn4 and NIAB?

We are working with NIAB to further our problem-solving capabilities in bringing better solutions for soil health. We wish to partner with other Agritech companies in bringing further tech solutions to soil health within data analytics, automation, and delivery.

If you were to give advice to another start-up, what would that be?

Have a great team, with motivation, and partner well.

What are the next steps for Just Soil?

We will further our research alongside NIAB, and continue to find great tech partnerships that allow us to reach our goal of feeding the world's population well, and efficiently.

Learn more about Just Soil and visit their website.



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