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How Lambda Energy are making light more efficient for growers

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Lambda Energy is one of Barn4's newest members. The team are currently working on incorporating their Nanocrystal technology into polytunnel plastic and then glasshouses. Read on to learn more about their technology and their hopes for the development of the business.

What does Lambda Energy do?

Lambda Energy is a Cambridge based photonics materials company. The problem we are overcoming is light can be in the wrong colour for efficient use. Our solution is to change the light to suit the particular application, whether in the solar, agritech or medtech sector. Many applications in these sectors are enhanced by increasing red light. We are developing Nanocrystal materials to absorb UV to green and emit in the red to near-infrared.

Can you introduce the team and describe what led you to start your business?

Our team is made up of engineers, chemists and physicists. Our primary goal was to increase the efficiency of solar panels, but we quickly learnt that there was far greater market potential for our nanocrystals, in particular, agritech.

Why did you become Barn4 members?

We need NIAB’s expertise in plants and their understanding of the agricultural sector. This will guide us in the right direction in order to provide value to polytunnel and greenhouse farmers.

Watch the video to learn more about Lambda Energy's work, especially with solar.

How does Lambda Energy fit into the agritech landscape?

We will work with major polytunnel plastic manufacturers to make enhanced plastics that can provide defused red light, increasing plant growth by 10 to 20%.

What are the next steps for Lambda Energy?

To continue the development of our nanocrystal materials and incorporate them into plastic films. We will then test algae growth. Once we have validated growth in algae, we will then test fast-growing salad leaves at NIAB.

If you want to learn more about Lambda Energy and visit their website, click below.


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