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QuickTrials and their mission to make agricultural data collection and analysis easy

QuickTrials is one of the most recent start-ups to join the Barn4 incubator. The team are developing software that aims to improve data capture and analysis for agricultural field trials.

What does QuickTrials do?

QuickTrials greatly improves the data capture and analysis of Field Trial data, leading to higher quality data and earlier insights.

How does your technology provide a better trialling experience?

Data is captured directly in the field using mobile devices (phones or tablets) and does not need to be transcribed, leading to less mistakes and requiring less time.

The data is validated, and observations can have additional properties such as photos or GPS stamps to further improve data quality.

Rather than manually collating records from different sites, QuickTrials automatically organises all of the data in a way that is structured, normalized and easy to analyse. It allows customers to leverage big data technologies across all of their trials.

Can you tell me about the team's background?

RESONANZ Group is based in Switzerland and has been creating award-winning agricultural solutions for over 20 years. We have developed software for some of the most challenging rural environments out there, and bring all of our experience in building robust solutions to creating QuickTrials in the best way.

What does RESONANZ do and how does it relate to QuickTrials?

RESONANZ Group are the creators of QuickTrials but we also develop bespoke solutions for customers. We like to utilise emerging technologies and create positive human experiences based on technology, design and sustainable business models.

Why do RESONANZ and QuickTrials see agriculture as a vital industry and what part is QuickTrials playing in increasing innovation in the industry?

The increasing global population, reductions in arable land and climate change, are all putting enormous pressure on food production systems around the world. Innovation in agricultural technologies and practices is urgently needed. QuickTrials seeks to improve the speed of innovation by making the field trial process more efficient, leading to earlier insights and faster feedback loops for companies.

Why did you become a Barn4 member?

We love the work that NIAB and Barn4 are doing and enjoy being part of a community that seeks to improve agricultural approaches.

What are you most proud of regarding QuickTrials' development?

Field Trials take on many forms and configurations and it’s not easy building a solution that can work across all crops and trialling setups. With QuickTrials we have found a good balance between powerful flexibility and keeping things simple and easy to use. QuickTrials is very sophisticated in how it manages data from a wide variety of setups, but it still feels easy, accessible, and requires relatively little training to capture data.

What are the next steps for QuickTrials?

We are continuing to enhance the QuickTrials platform with new features and improvements. We recently hired more developers to further accelerate the platform’s development. Our goal is to provide the best field trial software with QuickTrials so companies can focus on innovating their agricultural solutions faster.

To learn more about QuickTrials and visit their website, click below.



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