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Why join Barn4?

Have a look at what the Barn4 members are saying about Barn4...

"Membership to Barn4 will provide access to like-minded and ambitious companies that share our vision for collaboration." Marc Jones, Antobot.

"Barn4 has always been associated to me with the word "support". Starting from our monthly calls and finishing with my recent participation in Fruit Focus 2022" Maryna Kuzmenko, Petiole.

"Being a member of Barn4 has enabled Lambda Energy to fill the gaps in our knowledge of plant science and industry requirements. It has also opened vital connections to the farming industry that wouldn’t have been available to us" Niall Haughian, Lambda Energy.

"We love the work NIAB and Barn4 are doing and enjoy being part of a community that seeks to improve agricultural approaches." Eric Suret, QuickTrials.

"Barn4 offers a complete ecosystem within which technology-driven agritech start-ups can thrive." Maryna Kuzmenko, Petiole.

Learn more about our membership packages here or email us!


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