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Meet Njorth Bio_Science

Njorth Bio_Science has recently joined the Barn4 agritech community as a Premium member. Read the questions below to find out how Njorth Bio_Science's research aims to create value out of waste streams!

What do Njorth Bio_Science do?

Deeply anchored in enzyme technology and the application of enzymes we have developed a strong insight into how technological sample preparation methods can be combined with enzymatical solution to create value from biomass waste streams. The waste – now turned into a valuable resource for new protein concentrates, oils, and sugars – can have any origin – household, agriculture, forestry, food, and fish industry as well as the feed industry. Some biomasses may even be produced in their own value – such as marine, micro, and macroalgae – often for their valuable sugar and oil fractions.

Can you introduce me to the Njorth Bio_Science team and explain why you started the business?

After being let down by a Norwegian investor I took the activities out and started developing them under the Njorth Bio umbrella. After refocusing the activities, I transferred everything to the UK and have now activated Njorth Bio_science Ltd. for that purpose. After having been chairman of the Norwegian Society for Industrial Biotechnology and active on the government level in the making of the Norwegian bioeconomy strategy. I felt a strong desire to contribute to merging the scientific capabilities to generate value from biomass with the biomass owners struggling to valorise their waste streams.

In short, you could say my ambition is to make value out of waste streams.

Why did you become a Barn4 member?

After setting up at St. John’s Innovation Centre in the Summer of 2021, I have been looking for a more permanent place to establish myself and build the company. St. John’s has been a good place for a start with a fantastic infrastructure that has made it possible for me to get an overview of the Cambridge environment. Through my contacts at SJIC, I got the reference to Michael Gifford and I quickly understood that Barn4 could be quite ideal for me. Being an agronomist from basic training specialising in microbiology and molecular biology in the field of plant pathology I am sort of coming home. But not only for nostalgic reasons will Barn4 be a good place to be. Agriculture represents one of the most prominent donors of biomass for the valorisation of waste streams so that makes a lot of sense. Another very good reason is the potential option of adding lab space which will be very important for the development of new improved processes.

What are you most proud of in regard to Njorth Bio Sciences’ growth journey?

We have gained tremendous insight into how waste materials can be valorised. We have among other things improved the taste profile of a fish protein hydrolysate almost completely removing the bitterness hampering the usability for human applications and removing the “fishy” taste and smell. Both factors strongly expand the usability spectrum for the protein hydrolysates.

What are the next steps for Njorth Bio_Science?

We are looking to engage ourselves in collaboration projects where we can be the partner for the treatment of waste material. This will in essence mean that we will have to establish laboratory facilities at Barn4 with the ultimate goal of creating a power house for utilisation of waste/biomass streams.


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