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Welcome Airponix

Airponix have joined Barn4's growing agritech community!

Read a brief description about Barn4's newest member Airponix below:

Airponix offers a smart, soilless solution to help feed the growing population sustainably by using 95% less water, no soil and a fraction of the land footprint with radical fog-based technology, growing more for less & overcoming challenges, limitations & environmental impacts of other methods.

Our solution mimics nature, like an orchid growing in air, absorbing light, oxygen, humidity and nutrients from its surroundings. Our roots are exposed to a nutrient rich fog, unlike hydroponics which submerges them, or generic aeroponics that sprays or mists the roots like rain. Our fog is like a dry cloud which is far more effective than any other systems as it penetrates right into the root hairs, letting them absorb exactly what they need, when they need it.

We have grown a wide range of crops with yields many times that of conventional or hydroponics. We are currently focussing on higher value crops while we reduce our cost base. These crops include providing food security for the Middle East and seed potatoes, as with direct access to the roots, picking tubers at the desired size all season long, gives yields >50 x conventional.

To learn more about Airponix, visit their website or click below to learn more on their members page.


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