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"This project will accelerate AgriSynth forward"

Barn4 members AgriSynth have been awarded a competitive Innovate UK Smart Grant for a 500k project starting in August 2022. The project is focused on blackgrass in wheat, where there is a need to generate complex scenes of blackgrass for an AI training dataset. The project aims to develop the software model to a sophisticated level, allowing for one million complex scene images with 100% pixel-perfect to be collected in a working day. Compared to traditional methods, which can currently take years to collect and cannot be annotated. To complete this project, AgriSynth has biologists, data scientists, AI specialists and software developers on board. AgriSynth's Founder and CEO Colin Herbert said, "this project will accelerate AgriSynth forward".

Within 30 minutes of being awarded the grant, AgriSynth found out they had successfully secured another investment. Colin Herbert added, "it's easier to get money when you have money". The plan is to start building an international team in February 2023. Let's hope their lucky spell continues for them.



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