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Petiole begin their project funded by Innovate UK KTN

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

A July update from Petiole.

Petiole has recently begun working on a project to monitor and detect false codling moths (FCM) in chilli pepper funded by Innovate UK KTN. As part of the project Andrii Seleznov, CEO of Petiole, has visited Kenya, visiting farms and collected valuable feedback from farmers. While visiting, he saw the growing facilities, including a nursery of chilli peppers.

Reflecting on his visit, Andrii commented, "any growing facility is generating valuable data about plant health and development in 24/7 mode. Additionally, environmental factors are impacting the growth. That's why the ultimate goal for any agritech startup which works directly with growers is not just to show the numbers about something but attempts to predict the future with already good weather data and knowledge about pest infestation or disease progress through the overall crop population. Hence, all we need is a bit more accuracy and development of a strong link to connect these data sources".

Innovate UK KTN have opened GCRF Agrifood Africa Innovation Awards Round 3, a £1.3 million funding scheme for collaborative UK/Africa projects to address African AgriFood challenges. Successful applicants will receive a grant of either £20,000 or £30,000 to support their collaborative UK/Africa AgriFood research and innovation project.

Registration closes 30/08/2022.


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