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Eagle Labs AgriTech Awareness Week

Our friends at Eagle Labs are hosting an AgriTech Awareness Week from the 1st to the 3rd of June – find out more details below

The purpose of this event is to highlight the importance of innovation and collaboration in the Agricultural sector across the UK.

About the Event

The Face of Agriculture is changing – How will AgriTech support you and are you ready to realise its full potential? The theme for the week focuses on the collaborative nature of the support network and structure of UK Agri-Food start-ups, and those with technological advancements to help transform the sector.

Across the Meadow: Where to Turn to for Help

Barn4’s Michael Gifford is taking part in a webinar on Tuesday 1st June called Across the Meadow: Where to Turn for Help. In this session Wendy Hewitson (Eagle Labs) speaks to Belinda Clarke (Agri-TechE), Sarah Carr (Farm491) and Michael about how they are collaboratively working together and supporting the industry and how they, as experts in the field, are supporting businesses on a growth journey. Registration for the event has now closed, but if you want to catch-up you can watch the webinar below.


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