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Barn4 features in the September 2021 edition of Landmark.

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Barn4 featured in the September 2021 edition of NIAB's corporate magazine 'Landmark', highlighting the work of Barn4 in the emerging agritech marketplace.

The article highlights how agritech is key to making change in the productivity and sustainability of the agriculture sector, and how Barn4 is providing support to start-ups to help facilitate this.

The article discusses the Meeting of Minds initiative, a regular workshop attended by an agritech company and a team of NIAB experts. This programme results in detailed discussions and provides the agritech companies with greater insight into the industry. Often these sessions lead to greater interaction in the form of collaboration, trials programmes or Barn4 membership. The article highlights a case study example of this occurring with the agritech company Outfield.

Another initiative the Barn4 team have started is a grower panel to provide a link between agritech companies and growers, agronomists, and their advisors.

To read the full Landmark article click the link below


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