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Job title: Co-Founder/Advisor  

Location: Based in London/Cambridge

Company: Croptimise, a fast-growing agritech start-up


Who are we?

Croptimise is an early stage start-up looking at using computer vision and machine learning to give insight on crop pests and diseases to farmers and agronomists. We are a team with strong technical backgrounds that have successfully raised pre-seed investment from the Carbon13 accelerator program in Cambridge, and also won a position in the third cohort on the Greenhouse accelerator at Imperial College London. Agriculture is responsible for up to 15% of all GHG emissions and every year up to 40% of crop production is lost to pests worth around $300billion. We believe better pest insight on farms and a decrease in crop waste can bring about a positive Carbon impact

What are we looking for in this role?

We are looking for an advisor or a co-Founder depending on your circumstances / ambition. For an ideal candidate we are looking for the following:

  • You might have connections in agriculture or regenerative agriculture

  • Experience working with soft fruit or/and arable farmers

  • Most definitely an interest in using technology to innovate in this space

  • Previous experience in scaling up and start-up fundraising is highly desirable

  • Business development experience and experience within the agricultural sector

  • This role can also be potentially remote


Tasks Involved

You will be part of the c-suite management team. We are flexible in terms of your involvement and time commitment ranging from a couple of hours a week as advisor to full-time as a co-Founder. 



For the advisor role, it will be a small equity vested over time. For a co-Founder role, it will be equity plus a salary once the company has raised its seed funding in the summer this year.



We welcome applications from a diverse range of applicants as we believe that the best innovations are created from a broad cross-fertilisation of knowledge.


Please send your CV to



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